Speedealer (as REO Speedealer) – self titled (on Royalty Records)

Remember Speedealer?  No?  Remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Part 1?  Now do you remember Speedealer?  Yeah they were the guys that had two of the faster uglier tracks on there that really kicked major ass.

Then The Misfits came to Saskatoon (well OK, it was the Jerry Only Band by this time, but I was still young enough that it was a good time) and Speedealer was one of the openers.  Again, some really good fast, ugly sounding punk-metal-rock.

On the strength of those tracks alone, and the live gig, I decided one day while at the music store to pick up their album Second Sight.  It was produced by Jason Newsted of Metallica fame, and I couldn’t remember what the names of the songs were from the game, but figured their other shit must be just like them and bought it on a whim.  Then I listened to the album and it was a big pile of meh.  All the songs were too slow paced, and of course it wasn’t the album with the songs from Tony Hawk.  So I pretty much forgot about Speedealer for a number of years.  Apparently they called it quits a while back, but recently reformed.  After reading this news on Blabbermouth (I think, the nets is sometimes all a blur to me) I figured I’d see if I could track down the album with the Tony Hawk songs on it.

The thing is, Speedealer’s albums aren’t that easy to find.  I mean they don’t even have a fucking wiki page (they do have a myspace page which recently started back up with the reform, but like all myspace pages it sucks ballsack).  How does a band who had two tracks on one of the most famous videogames ever, played by millions, not even have a wiki?  I mean it’s like they’re actually trying to not sell albums or something.  Oh yeah, and their own fucking myspace page says the songs off Tony Hawk are off of the album Here Comes Death, but guess what?  They’re not.  I’m thinkiung years of meth and whiskey might have taken its toll because they can’t even remember which of their own albums have which songs.  Luckily I can usually track anything down if I look hard enough and eventually I managed to find a blog that had rips of their albums on it right back to when the band was called REO Speedealer before the guys in REO Speedwagon sued them, I guess they don’t have much of sense of humour, cocks.

So yeah turns out the two songs Screamer and Nothing to Me are from one of their two self titled albums when the band was still going under the REO Speedealer moniker.  Yeah, that’s right, Speedealer is so fucking punk rock they had two self titled albums in a row just to fuck with you.  Man that’s hardcore.

So anyway, the album is solid fucking gold.  This is what I wanted a Speedealer album to be when I bought Second Sight all those years ago.  I’ve recently been listening to quite a bit of Zeke, and this album sounds like that but with a box of high-strength cold medication and at least a 40 of Jack Daniels thrown into the mix.  If you shot up every member of Nashville Pussy with two bee-sting EpiPens this is probably what they’d put on CD.  Basically balls to the wall, southern fried, hard rockin’ metal-punk. 

Vocals have that great “I pour Jim Bean on my Cornflakes in the morning” sound that works so well with this sort of shit.  There’s no sissy ass “clean sung chorus” shit to appeal to 13 year old girls to be found here (modern “punk” bands please take notes).  Production is solid.  This has a very rock’n’roll vibe to it, so the production reflects that.  That said, this isn’t some polished studio rock album, this is definitely down and dirty in the gutter sort of rock.  Basically perfect for the style.

This is the type of music that makes me want to abuse alcohol until sun-up.  It’s the soundtrack to whiskey, pills and American muscle cars.  I’d recommend this for fans of the acts mentioned above as well as stuff like Bionic, Motorhead, Superchrist and probably even stuff like faster songs by Butthole Surfers or even something a little more avant-garde like Japanese noise rockers Guitar Wolf. Of course more old-school fans of ACDC brand hard rock will probably find a lot to like here to, if they can get into the drug addled pace.  You can’t go wrong with this type of punk rock’n’roll, worth tracking down!!