Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders - The Second Coming

Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders are back like a Peter North sized mega load shot into the eager face of the Saskatoon rock scene with their long awaited sophomore release.   Henry and the boys put out a couple of EP’s to keep the fans satiated (Squealer a 3 track EP of covers and Let’s Get Drunk Again an EP of heart warming Christmas tunes to share with the whole family come the holiday season).  But a new full length was definitely in need after seeing the band play more or less the same set dozens of times (not that it wasn’t a drunken blast every single god damn time).  This reviewer is happy to report the sophomore slump is nowhere to be found here.  The Second Coming Of is a second helping of the same classiness on display in the Abuse it or Lose it album, but with beefed up production values and songs with even dirtier lyrics; you even get a the odd ripping solo to liven things up.  If Abuse it or Lose it was Flesh Hunter 1, then The Second Coming Of would be Flesh Hunter 2, seriously.

Don’t take my word for it though; I think the man himself put it best when he said: “This is it, baby, I'm back with a BANG and fixin' to give all of you a white hot mouthful of molten rock and fucking roll! It'll soon be time for all of you sinners to rise up in a stinking, pulsating, throbbing mass of frenzied lust and thirst and want for the hot rock revolution that is Savage Henry, for the undefeated and merciless army of hedonistic rhythm and booze that is The Infamous One Pounders, to just plain fucking forget all the imitators that have followed in the wake of our jaw dropping innovation, OPEN WIDE FOR THE REAL THING and get on your knees and QUAKE with anticipation of THE SECOND COMING OF SAVAGE HENRY AND THE INFAMOUS ONE POUNDERS!

So, without further adieu, on to the track by track breakdown:

Two in the Pink, One in the Stink: well I think the title pretty much sums this little ditty up.  The famous three fingered maneuver gets a theme song, rockin’
Cock Hungry Whore: my new favorite Savage Henry track.  Something about the way he intones his words while singing Cock Hungry Whore over and over in the chorus just rules!!  Total womanizing sleaze, awesome!
Put Out or Get Out: a song about using your customized van and a half bottle of Malibu as your own personal love den on wheels.
Do You Wanna Fuck Me?:  if only people could be this direct in all situations, this was one Savage started playing prior to the album’s release.  A crowd pleaser for sure, my wife loves to sing along with this one, and I love it when she does…
The Horror of Love: 50’s flavored psychobilly styled rock gets taken to the next level here, all the Misfits kids will eat this shit up.
Show Me Yours: this one’s about making it with groupie chicks, the part where he talks about how the mother groupie lets her daughter groupie find out about the backstage sexy times the same way she did (on her knees) is priceless.
The Strangler: another horror themed track, totally hilarious as Henry sings about the night of the strangler, the day of the strangler, the dawn of the strangler , the “insert time, place or thing” of the strangler.  When this bad boy comes on whilst drinking with the crew, it makes for a fun game trying to thing of how many “of the stranglers” you can come up with.
Spread Your Love Around: this one’s about how Savage has too much love for just one woman, and he’s got spread his love around.
Killed by Porn: a tune all about being killed from excessively beating off to porn.  I like to think it was inspired by the true case of the mechanic in the tire shop who was actually indirectly killed by porn.  He was too busy ready a skin mag while filling a semi tire, and it burst and the shrapnel killed him.  That shit cracks me up.
Gimme Head ‘Til I’m Dead: some nice lyrical poetry about the joys of throat plunging and Savage Henry’s love of having his rod sucked.  Another great anthem for the drunken bar shows.
Drink Up and Be Somebody: everyone knows they’re a superstar when they’re hammered, and this song is all about how to turn a really boring stick in the mud broad into a wild party slut with a liberal application of the spirits.  That and the success of the band all being due to booze.  It’s true, alcohol is the solution to all of life’s problems.
Hot Live Action: compliments and pick up lines for women, done the manly way. 
Apple of the Wandering Eye: an ode to cheating, and the lingering sinful memories.

Yup, it all sounds good to these ears.  Once again all up beat (d-beat to be precise) rockin’ dirty tunes with no shitty ballads or boring slow crap.  No whiny effeminate poetry by some androgynous loser bitching about how his girlfriend (read: boyfriend) dumped him in grade 9.  This is pure manly rock, which is what real rock’n’roll is all about, get this shit!!