Savage Henry and The Infamous One Pounders - Abuse it or Lose it

Here’s where it all started.  Well OK, I’m pretty sure Henry told us at a gig a while back that they had a shitty demo out before this, but that it wasn’t worth tracking down, but this could also be a construct of my mind since I’m pulling from some seriously hazy alcohol retarded memories here.  Anyway, for all intents and purposes Abuse it Or Lose It is Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders' debut.  This CD pretty much defines what 100% Wild Records is all about: booze, drugs, and sex set to a combination of punk and gutter rock.  This is the type of shit that will appeal to punkers, bikers, metal heads, rockers, and sex offenders alike, you just can’t lose here (so abuse it!).  Is Henry a modern day rock’n’roll Moses who has united his people with the power of filthy rock?  I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Both this album, and the one’s that follow also rule cuz they have a distinctively Western Canadian vibe with songs about small town sluts, booze cruising and the like that you wouldn’t hear about from bands coming from bigger cities.  Anyone who’s come from small town Saskatchewan has at one time bagged an old beater truck or car in the fields and back roads while pounding back a case of pilsner and blasting ACDC out of a shitty tape deck, and this is the soundtrack of that experience combined with browsing the meat market at your local bar and taking every drug under the sun.  Anyone who says we don’t know how to party up here hasn’t partied up here, and Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders are here to preach the gospel to the world.

Musically the band plays an extremely catchy blend of ACDC meets The Dicks style hard rock with a strong punk influence and a hint of rockabilly (minus the dominant stand up bass sound) backed by a non-stop, extremely danceable d-beat with Henry belting out his filthy lyrics over top it all in a delivery that sounds like something between Lemmy from Motorhead (old school before his voice was 100% gravel run through the whiskey filter) and latter day Gibby Hanes from Butthole Surfers with a pinch of The Mentors/GG Allin (again, the old stuff when his voice box wasn't shredded).   It all combines into an all original sound that to me is sweet rock’n’roll perfection ladies and gents.  Happily, the album is all killer, no filler, so you don’t get any shitty ballads or any crap like that (I’m lookin’ at you Guns’n’Roses).  Just pure, sweat soaked, rock’n’fuckin’roll.

Every track on this album is literally an anthem of sleaze that you can’t help but scream along to at the band’s live, balaclava (and sometimes nothing else) clad appearances.  Here’s a run down of all the tracks to give you an idea of how hilariously dirty these guys are:

Dictator of Love: not about sexual fascism, but the “tater” you sometimes skewer with your cock when you’re fucking an un-douched ass.
To the Top and Booze, Bikes & Bitches:  these one’s are basically an ode to everything awesome about being a biker and riding your steel stead like a modern day outlaw while booze and drugs course through your veins.
Small Town Slut:  Every town’s got one, and this is their song.
Night Before: This one’s about the things a guy will say to get a chick at the bar into the sack, and then getting the hell out of there the next day.
Ram it Down: pretty self explanatory, this one’s got that awesome GG Allin “rape vibe” that made so much of his stuff legendary.
Cougar on the Prowel: here’s an ode to the cougars who prowl Saskatoon looking for fresh young meat.  With lines like “she’s been lookin’ so fine since 1989” it paints a vivid mental picture.
Big Time Penetrator: This one’s a track about Savage Henry’s love of Savage Henry, and all the dirty things he and his band do. 
Women I’ve Never Had: speaking of GG Allin, here’s a great cover of one of his great songs.  This is a fist pumping (in the air or your warm tight space of choice) classic that’s a staple of the live Savage Henry experience.
Lesbians: Probably the most sing-a-long-able song on this album, if you can stand there and listen to this song and not have the undeniable urge to belt these lyrics out, you either have a ten foot pole up your ass, or you’re a corpse.  This one’s all about how Henry is nothing but a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, but the troubles he encounters when they can’t understand his predicament. 
Maggots are Eating My Brains: this one gives off definite psychobilly (or “horrorbilly” for you billy elitists out there that think there twenty different genres within the rockabilly sub-genre) or 50’s rock vibe with lyrics about rats in the cellar, maggots eating his brain, leeches  on him and he’s going insane.  Deep?  Perhaps, you’ll have to ask the man himself.  Catchy?  Definitely, no need for comfirmation.
Gimme My Money: You’re thinking it’s about pimping, but it’s actually about hunting down deadbeats who borrowed money from him but didn’t pay it back, but then head out to the bar to party.  With all the sex and drugs, a dose of ass kicking is certainly welcome.
This Land is my Land Now: this one’s all about conquering land the Viking way (or Romans or any number of other conquerors), by raping and pillaging.  This one’s Savage Henry’s Run to the Hills, but with less white guilt, and a whole lot more rape, virgin defiling and sex slavery.  Actually after listening to the lyrics a few times I’d say it was a satirical look at the war in Iraq (the oil reference seems to suggest that), but I think the general themes can pretty much be applied to any number of take overs.

Abuse it or Lose it proves that Saskatoon’s rock music scene isn’t all country, Lilith fair sissy alt rock, washed up 70’s and 80‘s cover bands, or bible thumping repression.  This is down and dirty rock that would’ve been right near the top of Tipper Gore and the PMRC’s list of dirty bands right beside the likes of The Mentors, Gwar, Body Count and The Dead Kennedys (albeit much less on the serious political side than the latter).

Get your hands on this disc and get your ass to any show with Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders on the poster.   Drunken debauchery is a guarantee, and liking Savage Henry’s music is a solid step toward winning at life.