Lord Mantis – Pervertor

If you read my review of Lord Mantis’ previous effort Spawning the Nephilim you’ll know I am a big fan of what this band is doing.  Pervertor is the best kind of follow-up: it bests the debut in every way.  This is seriously some of the ugliest, most pissed off sounding blackened sludge metal you are likely to hear and takes the sound they brought you on the first album and adds just a bit more raw intensity to every element in the best (worst) possible way.  Vocals a shrieked with even more intensity than before complete with a heavy dose of old Dakthrone style reverb which is always welcome in this dojo.  Riffs are even more punishing than before and I simply cannot get enough of utterly destructive, ugly and evil sounding shit like this.  Being a sludge band they still deliver the requisite amount of groove needed to fit the label but this never sounds “stoner” by any stretch, which is good because it would betray their charcoal black and grim style.

Every single track on this album is a slab of sickness that puts these guys high on my list of the best fucking metal out there right now.  I like how the band has added more blasphemous elements than the previous release also with track titles such as Septichrist and Vile Divinity.  The guitar tone is pretty much the same as before, but even more grinding and heavy and the drums bludgeon you with a double kick assault keeping the pace higher than many doom/sludge acts which adds to the bands menace.

Particular standouts are the opening track Pervertor of the Will, the nearly pure black metal assault of At the Mouth and the 9 and a half minute epic Ritual Killer which features one of the most bludgeoning, depressive and ritualistically sustained repetitive breakdowns you’ve ever heard.  It’s so fucking heavy and evil it makes the entire Deathcore genre look like a bunch of pansies especially when it’s combined with the venomously spewed/screaming vocals proclaiming shit like “I smell your pussy…and at your weakest I’ll come in to tear you down!”. The final track, The Whip and the Body, reminds me of some of the older Anaal Nathrakh material they put out on The Codex Necro, with a vicious, yet melodic riffing style that trades between high speed black metal and bludgeoning sludge.

This is music that will either make you want to destroy something or someone or drive a van loaded with explosives into a crowded building to take as many people with you when you end it all.  Like I said about the first one, ugly music for ugly people, this is an album that dwells in a filthy shit and piss filled gutter pouring into a black stinking sewer.

I dig the cover art too which features bizarre skull headed worm creatures with their snake like tongues shoved up the cunt(!) of a dismembered, crucified, androgynous, rotting bloated Christ.  It’s done in a raw style that sort of looks like a combination of old Slayer album art mixed with a highly detailed pointillism like something Pushead might do if he were given an overdose of Adrenochrome and locked in a  filthy basement torture chamber with nothing but loud static and satanic chanting blasting into the room over a megaphone. 

This albums fucking destroys, sure you might be able to find albums that are more “extreme” (I’m sure all the brutal slam fans out there will say this doesn’t have enough gravity blasting or burping) but with the combination of elements these guys employ I doubt you will find many that are this straight up evil sounding.