Lord Gore – The Autophagous Orgy

As some of you may know, Razorback Records has released some of the most killer underground metal releases in the death metal/gore grind/thrash metal scene in the last decade.  There is a reason I tracked down every CD in their catalogue, and that I immediately order every release the label puts out as soon as Billy (one of the labels founders) sends me the email notification of a new CD.

Lord GoreThe Autophagous Orgy is one of the early releases the label put out, and for me it is still a favorite from the label.  They play a style of ultra gory, mostly mid-paced death metal that is impossibly catchy, yet ultra sick.

One thing that sets Lord Gore apart from a lot of groups in the gore metal scene is that they perform all of their vocals without effects (something Razorback would adopt more and more on their later releases, along with not using drum triggers).  The thing is, when you hear this thing you will be scratching your head trying to figure out how any human being could possibly produce those sounds without them.  And the lyrics are, for the most part, generally intelligible.  In terms of death metal vocals, there is no band yet that has matched the utterly gore soaked performance contained on this CD. 

Lord Gore uses three main styles of vocal, performed by two guys.  Gurge (appropriately named) performs the main belched/growled low end death metal vocals, as well as the ultra low end gurgles, whereas Nekro performs using a wretched (and occasionally bitch shrieked) high end vocal ala Jeff Walker from Carcass.  They usually perform the vocals in unison, so they all merge together into a wall of sound that can only be conveyed visually by a mass of writhing, pus spewing, blood drenched, vomit soaked, severed and diseased body parts and internal organs all tumbling over one another as the mass absorbs and devours every living thing in its path.

The guitars and bass (performed on this album by Scsi and Gurge respectively)are down tuned heavily, and in combination with the meaty sounding drums (courtesy of Colon) give the album a sound thicker than Walter Hudson when he set the record for fattest man in the world.  I read on teufelstomb.com that he was disappointed by the production on this album compared to the demo versions he’d heard off of Dark Lords of the Cyst.  Personally I have to disagree, I think they took that sound, and then made it 10 times heavier.  You really need a stereo with a good low end on it for this CD to not sound like it is totally overblown.

Every song on this CD is a sickening masterpiece.  As soon as the morbid opening melody of Morgue Whore spews out of your speakers, and then the vocals vomit in unison as the drums and bass guitar fill out the low end, you will be reminded of every reason death metal is fucking awesome.  If you are not banging your head like a maniac the whole time you listen to this CD, just give up, go by The Used’s newest album, lock yourself in your room, put on your little sister’s jeans, and cut your wrists while writing poetry about how much of a faggoth emo loser you are.

If you want to hear vocals that sound like only the Blob or the Tar Zombie from Return of the Living Dead could be singing them while vomiting out a milkshake, then check out the title track.  That must’ve been the one where they used the only vocal enhancement on the whole album, a bowl of bowel chowder.

Rob Fornicator (of Murder Basket, Fornicator, and Whore fame) guests on Nekro-Erotic Art, one of the tracks originally featured on their Dark Lords of the Cyst demo.  This version does everything that one did, but better.  Rob gives Gurge a run for his money in terms of uttering the most guttural vocals imaginable using nothing but his own woman hating throat and lungs.

They close the album out with a wicked cover of Impetigo’s Breakfast and the Manchester Morgue, which was originally featured on the now out of print Wizards of Gore: A Tribute to Impetigo CD, and was one of the standout tracks on that compilation.

The cover artwork on this album (as well as their second album) rules. It was the first death metal album I'd seen with anime style art (some later releases would adopt this style though). If you look at the image above you can see it's a hentai orgy of women simultaneously diking out and devouring each other. Despite the cartoonish style, it's quite detailed (the front cover artwork was created by by Waita Uziga), and definately off the charts in terms of sleaze and gore. I like how they kept the vibe going with the asian theme by putting a huge "category III" warning (Hong Kongs equivalent of NC-17)on the back of the CD, classy stuff. The band pictures on the insde of the CD are awesome too. Every member is decked out in spiked arm bands, covered with blood, and Necro and Gurge are both lovingly brandishing weapons. These guys know what death metal is all about!

Razorback has re-pressed this bad boy, and on the new version they’ve even been so kind to include the lyrics (which fucking rule).  Go to their site (see links page) and order immediately!!!  While your there, you better pick up their second album Re-Sickened at the same time (review coming soon).  Lord Gore will fucking vomit on you, rape you, kill you and eat you, and not necessarily in that order.