I Shit On Your Face - Anal Barbeque

With a band name as ridiculously offensive as I Shit on Your Face you’d expect at the very least that you’d be getting some entertaining sloppy porn/gore grind.  Actually what you get is something that straddles the line between simplistic brutal death metal of the slamming variety and the aforementioned goregrind.  This Brazilian band has a nice thick, filthy sound that reminds me of other gore acts from the country like Neuro-Visceral Exhumation and Gore (thick, meaty, raw and with a real drummer), but unfortunately they are plagued by non-stop use of the inhaled “pig squeal” style vocal.  Some people dig this brand of death/gore vocals, but personally I think it sounds fucking retarded and it becomes rather annoying by the time the 3rd or 4th song hits and the guy is repeatedly making this sound like he’s a hog being raped by a hot poker and then you realize the album has 23 fucking songs.

It’s a shame really because the low gurgling vocals (sans effects) that are also employed on the album actually sound really awesome and fucking ridiculously brutal.  Actually, it’s in the vocals that this band is most in line with brutal death metal (think Devourment for the lows) and sadly deathcore (for the “bree-ing” pig squeal vocals) than gore grind really, but the music is not technical at all and only deviates from the sloppy goregrind sound for the occasional chugging breakdown and features more use of the brutal death style squealing pinch harmonics instead of sticking with pure power chords.  At least these shittier aspects of slamming brutal death metal are kept to a tasteful minimum.  Actually some of the riffs on this album are actually pretty fucking killer, but the squealing bree-er is so distracting that I find it hard to concentrate on them half the time.

With song titles such as From Fetus..To Feces, Cattlecum, Colostomy Coitus, Crispy Crotches Crescendo and Clitsaw-Buttdrill you get pretty much what you’d expect lyrically from a band called I Shit on Your Face and an album entitled Anal Barbeque, i.e.: ridiculous low brow toilet humour.  A lot of people shit on bands like this for the stupidity of their lyrics, but considering the style the band plays, and the filthy sound of the production, I think they fit nicely.

So my verdict is I Shit on Your Face is they’re pretty much just OK.  I dig the production style and the raw heavy sound of the guitars and bass.  I dig that they have a real drummer (and that it doesn’t sound like the guy is beating on tin cans), and respect that they pull off gurgles that deep without effects, but 23 tracks of squealing is too much.  If they ditched the pig squeals in favor of something else (maybe some splattery pitch shifted vocals perhaps), heck even if they just used the low gurgling vocals the whole time, they’d be a much better band.   Seriously you fucking guys, give us a little variety and only use the inhaled squealing on occasion.  It’s like when you put salt on your food to season it.  A little bit makes food taste great, but most people don’t want to eat a bowl of pure salt.