Fukpig - Spewings from a Selfish Nation

The Necrodeath crew (y’know, Mick Kenney and the boys from Birmingham who have been raping the ears of metal fans since Anaal Nathrakh’s demos in 1999) have done it again, Fukpig Spewings from a Selfish Nation is the type of album that grabs you by the balls and never lets go.  Basically a combination of crustcore and Anaal Nathtrakh style black metal, this seething abomination of a band delivers one of the nastiest and most unique sounding extreme metal albums I’ve heard in a while.  I remember hearing some mp3 samples of the band back when Anaal Nathrakh and Mistress put out their second and first albums, respectively, and honestly I wasn’t all that blown away.  At the time the band was all about trying to mimic the sound of an Earache records grindcore band circa 1989.  It wasn’t bad, but compared to something on the level of Anaal Nathrakh it sounded a little lackluster to me.

But this album, released by Mick Kenney and Shane Embury co-founded label FETO records, is some of the best shit I’ve heard from the Necrodeath roster (Anaal Nathrakh, Mistress, Frost, etc) of bands since The Codex Necro.  The guitar tone on this album will definitely bring back fond memories of The Codex Necro, particularily the track Incipid Flock.  It has the really great buzzsaw sound that gives it an almost industrial feel.  I’m sure this will have the underground metal legions crying “poser” or some equally stupid bullshit when I say this, but think some of the heavier riffs off the first Orgy album but sped up and twice as nasty.  I have ears, and that’s what it sounds like, so if that just offended you then my response is “go eat a handful of freshly cut hair”.  Anyway, the guitars are backed by an ultra deep, distorted crusty bass guitar and non-stop barbaric d-beat and blast beat drumming making Fukpig probably the heaviest sounding crust band you’ll ever hear.  I played this for friends and they couldn’t believe how simultaneously down tuned and heavy (“this shit is dark” I believe was the phrase), yet blazingly fast this shit is.  Normally bands don’t use this sort of tuning unless they’re playing doom metal.  Fucking hateful pretty much sums it up.

Vocal wise you get what sounds like pissed off drunk ranting, complete with the appropriate level of sloppiness to it (which seems pretty apt since the vocalist is named Drunk, so goddamn cool), coupled with old school Napalm Death/black metal style shrieking.  Vocally I wasn’t immediately blown away as I was expecting something a bit more over the top to match the sickness of the instrumentation, but once you read the lyrics while listening to it, it actually sounds really fucking bad ass.  Plus I think these vocals give the band a bit more personality than the usual death growls, and it’s nice to hear a Necrodeath band again without Dave (Anaal Nathrakh, Mistress) on vocals (I liked Frost, but that project seems to be have been shelved).  I mean shit, that guy needs a fucking break, I don’t know how he even has a larynx anymore as it is. 

If there’s one complaint I could level at the album it’s that the songs all pretty much blend together.  I’m pretty sure the drumming is programmed (not really a problem for me) but essentially the exact same d-beat is used in every song with no variation, other than to switch over to blast beating every once in a while.  In a way it’s good because the album never lets up and it gives it an unrelenting feeling, but to non-fans or those not already familiar with d-beat crust, it’ll sound like one 30 minute long song.  Then again, what you get here is just so damn fucking killer that I don’t mind the sameness all that much.

Mick Kenney continues to prove that he’s a heavy metal genius, as every band the guy's involved in ends up being deadly.  Apparently Fukpig is hard at work on a follow up to this one.  We’ll see how that goes, but I think this one may very well end up in the same boat as The Codex Necro, where do we go from here?  How can we get heavier than this?  I’m putting this one in my top ten for 2010 so far (if I actually made stupid lists like that anyway).  These guys have taken the concept of combining black metal and crust/grindcore to it’s apex.  Get this disc NOW if you call yourself a fan of extreme metal.