Abscess – Urine Junkies      

Nothing says class like a front cover featuring two guys drawing bright yellow piss out of a full urinal into two syringes.  That and band pictures taken in front of hardcore porn posters while they all pretend(?) to shoot up with the urine needles.  Yes, you know this CD is gonna rule!

If you don’t know, Abscess is drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert’s and guitarist Danny Coralles’ band that they formed after leaving Autopsy when that group called it quits.  Essentially he started with Autopsy’s style on the Shitfun album, added even more punk influences, made the production as raw and ugly as possible and birthed Abscess upon the world.

This is not a band that you are likely going to be into immediately unless you already have a (un)healthy love for Autopsy.  Both bands play a brand of ugly sounding metal that simply will not sound good to the ears of trendy mainstream metal fans. 

However, as you listen to them more and more, the style of the music starts making perfect sense.  Vocal performances that might’ve initially sounded stupid start sounding fucking deranged and they fit in with the dirty guitar tone perfectly.  I’m sure a lot of old school Autopsy fans were put off by the punk influences, but personally I dig it.  I mean we’re not talking NOFX style punk influence, more like GG Allin.

My only qualm with the production on Urine Junkies is that it is uneven.  According to the liner notes it was done in three different recording sessions, and the guitars on some of the tracks could’ve been a little louder in the mix so the vocals don’t overpower everything (think Autopsy’s Acts of the Unspeakable).  But considering the style of this music, it doesn’t detract very much (again I’m reminded of GG Allin in that sense).  However later releases fixed this, while still maintaining that trademark sloppy, filthy sound.

In fact after listening to as much Autopsy and Abscess as I have over the last few years I think I can safely say the Chris Reifert is one of the best death metal vocalists out there.  His style is so original.  Imagine if Chuck Schuldiner and all of the guys from Gut were somehow bio-engineered into the same mutant being that then escaped the laboratory and became a homeless man.  If this same man (mutant) ate nothing but rotten garbage and boogers and drank nothing but whiskey and his own urine for the last 10 years it would sound something like Mr. Reiferts vocal style.

Abscess continues the proud tradition of having some of the nastiest lyrics imaginable, which suits the filthy style of the music.  You know things like shit eating, cannibalism, rape, necrophilia, etc  Here’s a few snippets that brought a smile to my face:

“You’re a fucking dick and I wish you’d die forever Live in
torture your depression gets me high Everything you are
reminds me of a cyst Every time I think of you I smell the
scent of shit”

“I came up from the sewer in a quest to eat your brain
Manhole cover for a cranium I bathe in toilet rain”

“…I masturbate with my
rotten tool I wanna see my rotten jizz in a smelly pool”

“…go to him to confess your
sins He’ll bend you over and force his god in”

I really like the track Altar Toy (see last track excerpt).  Reifert switches things up and goes for a sort of twisted black metal style of shrieking (but with that special insane touch).  Other standouts are the classic Suicide Fuck (later covered by Machetazo on their Carne De Cementerio album), Inbred Abomination, Crawled Up From the Sewer, The Scent of Shit, Aching Meat, and well basically they’re all pretty damn good.

If you like your death metal punked out as ugly as possible, Abscess delivers.