Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Well even though the preview shows you practically every death in the movie, Tucker & Dale vs Evil is still one hell of a funny movie.  The idea behind the movie is to take the hillbilly horror genre and parody it by making the hillbillies, the aforementioned Tucker and Dale, two innocent guys just looking to fix up their new vacation home and do a little fishing, get mistaken for crazed redneck killers by a group of college kids.  The kids proceed to die off through a series of gory incidents as a result of their misunderstanding and plain old bad luck that continue to make Tucker and Dale look more and more guilty of the crimes.
The movie has a very nice balance between comedy and gore.  You don’t have to have seen a single hillbilly horror film to enjoy it (plus a lot of that genres clichés are so engrained in pop culture at this point you’ll recognize the references anyway) but the more hillbilly horror movies you’ve seen, the funnier the movie is.  Gore wise you get several impalements, 3rd degree burns, death by wood chipper, gun shots, and more.  It’s good stuff, and played pretty well for black humor style laughs.

I will say that calling the movie a Horror Comedy is a bit misleading as the movie is in absolutely no way scary, but I guess if you’ve never seen a movie above PG the violence might be too much for you, I dunno.  Still, as far as slapstick humor goes, this is solid stuff.

Both Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Tyler Labine (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) are great as Tucker and Dale, respectively, but the kids are pretty much forgettable, you could’ve had any 20 something play them and it wouldn’t have mattered.  But then, I suppose that sort of the point since the same criticism can be leveled at 90% of the movies this one parodies so it actually works.

Out of all of the movies shown at The Dark Bridges Film Festival I think this one got the best turn out and the best audience reaction, and while it wasn’t necessarily my favorite film of the fest (straight up nasty horror will always top comedy in my books), it was certainly near the top of the list.  This is one funny as hell comedy that unlike horror parodies such as the Scary Movie franchise will actually weather the test of time with its clever writing and great characters. 

I heard Relativity media bought distribution on this but have done basically zero marketing for it.  I guess they figure they’ll just dump it on to home video because only genre fans will like it, which is complete horseshit.  It sucks because this really is a great movie and kicks the hell out of pretty much every mainstream comedy I’ve seen in the last while.  Star power does not a good movie make Relativity, shame on you.  Prove those fuckers wrong and check this shit out!