Outpost: Black Sun

Outpost was a pretty cool flick so I had high hopes for the sequel.  I’m not gonna mince words, this is definitely not up to par with the original, but I think it’s still worth checking out and sets up another possible sequel that could be interesting.

Apparently the makers of this movie felt that the first film was too much of a sausage fest so they decided to bring in a female lead this time.  Catherine Steadman is Lena, a Nazi war criminal hunter trying to locate and get revenge against the very last of the escaped Nazis from WWII. 

I don’t have a problem with female leads (I mean the Alien saga is one of the all time greats) but this character just feels a bit too much like the clichéd “I can keep up with the boys but have a hidden vulnerable side that one of the more sensitive male characters will pick up on later and we’ll fall in love and/or become friends who probably end up dating after the movie ends but quickly realize our entire relationship was based around being in this traumatic situation together” sort of “lower budget DTV sequel to a theatrical movie” characters you’ve seen in countless movies that make this one feel less grounded than the first movie.  Also, I find it pretty hard to believe that someone her age is going to hold a grudge strong enough to seek out war criminals from the Second World War which likely occured 2 or 3 decades before she was even fucking born.

The feeling I got watching it was like the feeling I had watching Hatchet 2.  It just felt cheaper, even though it wasn’t incredibly shittier in terms of production values or anything.  It sucks because you’d hope that if the first movie got some decent buzz that they could secure a better budget, but maybe they blew more of it on hiring more extras to put into unconvincing zombie makeup and rental military costumes or something. 

So, the Nazi zombie ghost dudes have been spreading out from the "outpost" in the first movie and wreaking death and destruction on the local population.  Military is being sent in to stop them, without much luck because it's hard to kill invincible undead ghosts who can teleport, go figure.  Our heroine happens to be looking for the zombie officer guy from the first movie Klausener.  Unfortunately Klausener is not played by the same actor, but they try to do makeup to hide it that is adequate.  It isn’t like Klausener was a big talker anyway. Of course she doesn’t know he’s a zombie yet, so she heads out to find him after obtaining info from an elderly Nazi war criminal in an old folk’s home who she visits and terrorizes. Terrorizing of an old helpless Nazi geezer makes for entertainment, so I approve.

Basically she heads out to the Eastern Europe war zone, meets up with a guy named Wallace, they get in the shit when they run into our rotting invincible friends, meet up with soldiers, get in more shit, find out that they are actually the only ones left who can stop the world from being destroyed by the undead Nazi shock troopers and have to disable their machine which you’ll remember from the first movie to do it.  Again, this isn’t breaking a lot of new ground, but generally it’s still got decent enough production values and plenty of military horror action to keep you interested to the end.  There’s more zombie action of course because there isn’t the need to have mystery here, but I felt the Nazi ghouls weren’t handled as well here.  Instead of dimensionally teleporting out of nowhere like ghosts they just run around screaming all 28 Days Later style.  Also, the makeup makes them look too bulky when they looked better in the first as more wraith like.

There’s a twist at the end but it probably won’t take you by surprise if you’ve seen enough movies as it’s definitely nothing new to genre pictures of this sort.  But like I said it serves to sort of expand the universe from just the dingy Eastern European locale and take this thing global ala the Resident Evil franchise, but now with more Nazi.

But overall it’s got a decent helping of gore and violence, lots of action, the story picks up and continues pretty well from the first one and is likely at the top of the heap in terms of the “undead Nazi zombie films that are not comedies” subgenre so it definitely has that going for it.

Check it out, it isn’t as good as the first, but still a decent enough follow up, but make sure you look into the superior original first.