Here’s a pretty sweet lower budget British horror flick that totally went under my radar.  It was released in 2008 and now there’s a sequel that recently dropped on home video called Outpost: Black Sun that I definitely want to check out since this was a pretty cool movie.

Ray Stevenson (Rome, Punisher: War Zone) is the lead and it’s also got Richard Brake (the guy from the Doom movie who wanted to get with ladyboys and also the guy from Rob Zombie's Halloween II who was joking about necrophilia at the beginning before Michael Myers saws his head halfway off with a broken piece of glass).  Oh and it’s also got the Irish guy from Kill List, Michael Smiley, although he’s a lot leaner in this movie so either he let himself go for the next couple of years, or it was one of those physical transformation type things.

The premise isn’t all that original to start with.  DC (Stevenson) is hired by this shady businessman to assembly a small group of mercenaries to take him into some war torn shit hole in Eastern Europe to find a bunker which this guy wants to scope out.  It’s supposed to be an easy job, 48 hrs, in and out, with a big pay out, this starting to sound familiar?  And then bam, the movie really is that simple. 

Just kidding, of course the shit hits the fan when they discovery a horrific secret left over from World War II involving Nazi experimentation into physics and the occult.  Pretty soon they’re fighting for their lives as they are killed off one by one by some sort of supernatural force.  I’m pretty sure the cover of the movie already gives it away, but just in case not, SPOILER, they are undead Nazi supersoldiers.

What I dug about this movie is like Dog Soldiers, it focuses quite a bit on the military aspects and doesn’t start in with the ghost house shit and horror until well into the movie.  Then when it does, it’s handled a lot different than you might think considering it’s a movie with Nazi Zombies.  What this reminded me a lot of was Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead actually, in how the undead are treated more as apparitions that can appear and disappear at will instead of shambling flesh eaters exclusively.  So I thought that was cool.

The other movie that should draw obvious comparisons is of course Aliens.  These guys aren’t quite as boastful as that lot, but you still have the same sort of multicultural rag tag group of badasses who kill for hire, and most of them enjoy doing it.  And of course you have this group heading into the bunker, searching through darkened corridors and jump scares just like when the team arrives on LV426 in Aliens.

But hey, even if this isn’t exactly the most original screenplay out there, it throws enough unique elements in with a pleasing combination of the familiar ones to make for a solid entertaining horror action flick.  I also have to say that the cinematography is really great, it’s got a washed out with a lot of gritty detail, war movie look to it and I dug on the fact that there was no CG used at all.  Or at least if it was it was so minimal I didn’t notice it.  The bunker set (if it even was a set) was pretty wicked too with its rusted out splattered walls and flickering lights threatening to go out at asny movie only to flash back on revealing some undead fiend behind one of the characters.  Like Dog Soldiers before it, this is a movie that looks a heck of a lot better than its production budget would probably imply.

Gore wise you get some fairly nasty kills in a couple of spots, but it wasn’t as bloody as it could’ve been.  Heads are crushed, eyes are gouged out, people are shot, their brains blown out, and plenty of stabbing.  There is a scene where a guy is getting stabbed dozens and dozens of times and although pretty brutal it doesn’t hold a candle to the shit that say Jim Van Bebber puto n display in The Manson Family movie during the Sharon Tate murders.  Maybe the sequel ups the ante, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

So yeah, if you dug on Dog Soldiers or have even a passing interest in Nazi Zombies you should check this out.  It’s a serious take on the subject that’s actually pretty damn good.  Give this one a shot!