Welcome to my LINKS page. Here you'll find links to some sites that I find pretty cool and/or useful and/or funny. I've sorted them by category, then alphabetically, and have given a brief description of each.

If you are one of the sites I've linked to, and you somehow come across my page and like it, then I'd be much obliged if you'd link to me as well, so thanks in advance if that happens.




alternative tentacles

This link will take you to the alternative tentacles webstore where you can buy alternative tentacles stuff. Jello Biafra runs this label, and if you like to listen to non-comercial, non-mainstream friendly music, this site will deliver it to you.


It has nothing to do with your colon but more to do with nihilism and heavy metal. Not sure if the guy who writes the reviews on this site has a degree in music or is just full of shit, but it's cool either way. The heavy metal link takes you to a good overview of the sub-genres in metal. Although I don't agree with some of his classifications (I don't think I'd call Cianide and Bolt Thrower grindcore), it's sill pretty good if you're interested in the forerunners in each genre.


It might be run by Roadrunner Records (remember they used to be awesome, then Sony bought them...) but no site on the net has more frequently updated metal news from around the world. A lot of it you likely won't care about (unless washed up 80's hair metal is your thing) but it's an awesome site to find out about concert announcements you'd never hear about any other way.


Ah the Braindead webzine, brought to you courtesy of Pierre de Palmas, the twisted mind behind giallo obsessed goregrind project Blue Holocaust. This site has single handedly lead me to discovering more underground extreme metal bands than any other. The links section is fucking HUGE.


Here's a link to earache's site. A lot of their newer releases pale in comparison to the glory days of the label, but luckily for you the label loves to re-issue, so check out the webstore and grab the classics.


Excellent resource for info on almost any band you can think of in underground metal. It's pretty rare that I can't find a band on here. Good for finding dicographies for bands not on wikipedia, and sometimes the user reviews are informative and/or entertaining.


Good extreme metal distro and goregrind/death metal label. These guys have Gut in their roster to give you an idea of the filth you'll be getting into. I just wish they'd get around to releasing the Raunchous Brothers full length already, cmon guys.


Trent Reznor is a guy who has really embraced the internet as a means to distribute your music. Found this site when it was launched (link from the offical NIN page) and as a NIN completist (I have every halo released) it blew my mind. You can get thousands of remixes, reworkings, mashups, cover songs, etc from this site all for free and with good quality (no 128 kbps crap here). Some of the mixes are official ones and many are fan made. You'll spend hours here if this is your thing.


Another nice underground (and I mean UNDERground) metal webzine. I've found out about some of the filthiest, nastiest sounding bands from this page. For the record I don't agree with the site's anti-Iron Maiden sentiment, but each to his or her own I guess.


Razorback records, for me, embodies everything that is fucking awesome about metal. It's nice to see a label with a strong focus on the old school asthetics of the genre (hand drawn art, old school non-pro tools producion, DIY mentality). The site has a very nice distro on it to with some of the best prices you'll find on the net. One of my favorite labels, click the link and support. You will be forced by the goreboar!!


Very well known underground label and distribution. The site features a MASSIVE mail order catalogue with very reasonable prices. If you're into vinyl this site will blow your mind with how many albums you can get on the format.




Your daily dose of horror news. Sadly this site has gone the route of IGN and has been plagued by ultra excessive ads. Still a good source for horror news and horror movie reviews though.


News about everything blu-ray updated everyday. The best part is the movie reviews where they not only review the movie (not so important at this point if your looking to buy) but the sound, video and extras for each disc. Awesome. By the way if you're one of those retards who thinks blu-ray is no better than DVD, it's time to visit your local optometrist becasue you may be going blind.


You can find both Retard-O-Tron mix tapes here, as well as info about the sleaziest movies imagineable. You can also pick up Cinema Sewer magazine, you know you want it...


Looking for hard to find imports of the most obscure trash imagineable, but your stuck in a shitty little town in the middle of nowhere? Go here to order by mail. You won't be able to find a lot of this shit on amazon, and you get the security of ordering from an established site as opposed to the risk with ebay (although lets face it, it's a pretty small risk these days).


You can take the exact same description I had for blu-ray.com and put it here, cuz that's what you get. Both are very similar, although you'll notice their reviewers often have differing opinions. Always good to hear more than one view.


Even though the site redesign sucks ballsack compared to the old one, and the site is plagued by excessive advertising, its still a good resource for entertainment news and reviews. Besides, I have feelings of nostalgia for it since it was one of the first pages I bookmarked and read regularily back when not everyone had internet and a 56 K modem WAS high speed internet.


If you know the name of an actor, but can't remember that obscure TV show they guest starred on in 1975 then this site will tell you. Not sure I'd ever pay for IMDB pro, but if that's your cup of tea you can go for that too. Anyway, if you can't find a movie on this site, there is a very good chance it may not exist (or at least you don't know the international alternate title for it).


Probably the best movie review site on the net. Read Vern's review of Chaos (if you can't find it on here you'll probably be able to find it on Ain't it Cool News) and you'll know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah, buy his book Seagology and a "Don't Be Ellis" shirt while you're there.


Do you love slashers? Of course you do, go here for everything slasher.


More slasher goodness. The site also features an awesome archive of old school VHS cover scans. Always a plus!


Awesome underground DVD company that puts out the sickest horror, cult, asian, action and animated movies you can get. This is the company that released the Guinea Pig films in the North American market. You can find the sickest of the sick from this company. Not only that, but they got the rights to little known 80's animated gem Rock & Rule. So awesome!




This will take you to Adam Geyer's site. He's done covers for lots of killer metal releases (Frightmare, Claws, etc) and he has a book for sale too. He definately has an original style which I totally dig.


Here's a link to Chas Balun's site Deep Red. Mr. Balun is a horror obsessed maniac and artist. And what an artist, chck out the link to see some of his work.


If you live in Saskatoon and are looking for a good place to go get some ink (or possibly have some ink removed) this is definately a great place to go. Great staff and awesome atmosphere. My wife and I have gotten a couple matching tattoos done here that look wicked.


This is my buddy James' site. He does some really cool shit with photography. Check him out, just please don't ask him to do any more weddings...


Putrid's style fucking rules (think Berine Whrightson combined with Jake Karns). Go here to check out a ton of samples of his awesome work. Putird has done art for lots of underground metal releases, and he has a wicked book called Putird Gore Art that you should pick up.


Recently moved next to Amigo's, Rites of Passage is another great place to get inked in Saskatoon. I've gotten a couple of pieces done here and they look wicked. Also check out Graeme's band Lavagoat if you get the chance.


Wanna know why every death metal fan and his dog has a Butchered at Birth T-shirt? it's becasue Mr. Locke is on of the true masters of zombie gore art. One of my favorites, and you can get some really cheap prints from his webstore as well!


Zornow must not be destroyed becasue his art is fucking awesome. Not only has he done some wicked album cover art, but he's one of the main artists who does shirts for Fright Rags (see link). Totally bad ass!




Great site if your looking for patches, studs, belts, etc. They also sell CD's and other crust punk related merchandise. This is the cheapest place to get studs or spikes from, even cheaper than studsandspikes.com, I checked.


Killer horror T-shirts is what you get here. Really good prices, and you can't get these designs anywhere else. Sign up to the newsletter and you get deals.


Great selection of posters, halloween shit, DVD's and pretty much anything else horror related you can think of.


Ever see that guy/girl at the metal or punk show with the crazy fucking bondage pants and wonder where the hell he/she got them? This is where.


Wicked selection of poster reprints. If you don't care about owning the original, but you want classic old school poster art on your walls, get it here.


You can buy life size zombie mannequins here. Need I say more?


Formerly Single Second, these guys made a T-shirt with a zombified Super Mario. If I need to say more than that your suckage is legendary, even in hell. Now they have a zombified Bart shirt. He also does custom painted mini-figs of pretty much whatever you want. Fucking rad.


More killer horror shirts (and more). Mostly black and white designs here, but they look really bad ass. Chas Balun does the art for a lot of these shirts, and if you know who that is, then you know it's good shit.


Want the sickest looking halloween costume this year? Don't mind spending a good chunk of change on it? Well then, head to this site and have your mind blown by how awesome you could look this year (or any day you feel like walking around with foam latex prosthetic makeup on).





Maddox's writing will change your life for the better, seriously. Go here, read his site end to end and by his book The Alphabet of Manliness. Guarantee it will be your new favorite book.


Home of the Angry Video Game Nerd (previously known as the Angry Nintendo Nerd) along with a bunch of other funny shit. You will soil your pants laughing at his videos if you grew up in the glory days of 8-bit gaming like everyone who is cool did.


Random videos of hilarious shit. Can't really go wrong there. Like You Tube, but with less videos of your 12 year old cousin playing Metallica badly on his 20 dollar electric guitar/amp combo he got from Walmart.


If you don't know who Salad Fingers is, you soon will if you go here. So fucking weird it is just awesome.


Killer site that brings you a daily does of the craziest inventions from around the planet, and a healthy dose of internet geek humour. Seriously, any site that shows you that when you type "I like" into google and the first item in the auto complete is "tie my thumbs back and pretend I'm a dinosaur" is simply awesome in my books.


Check out the halloween collection for some of the sweetest animated gifs ever. While your there check out the rest of this hilarious site.


Watch the 7 part video review for The Phantom Menance and it WILL change your life. Probably the most hilarious reviews you will ever see.


I know a lot of people aren't going to think this page is funny at all when they go here. But I laugh any time an innocent mind is stained by the utter filth on display here. This site is ONLY recommended to those who have the strongest of constitutions.


Funny ass site. You'll find the hilarious "Cliff Yablonski Hates You" here, and that alone is worth your time. As soon as I saw a mock add for a Cannibal Corpse X-Mas CD (featuring such holiday classics as "beaten, brutally raped and eaten by a reindeer", yes!), I knew this site would rule.



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