The Berzerker 2CD Custom Compilation
I created this to combine all of the tracks from the out of print 2CD edition along with a bunch of unreleased gabber material with the original self titled Berzerker album. One of my more ambitious layouts, I did a full multi-page booklet with lyrics for all of the songs. For the booklet pages I don't have the original digital files anymore, so these are taken from scans of my printed out booklet. The quality of the original digital files would have been higher (no scanner dithering).
berz-f front berz-bookf booklet f berz-inside
booklet inside
berz-book1 booklet pg1 berz-book2 booklet pg2 berz-back back
berz-inlay inlay
berz-assembled assembled
Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth + Bonus Subscription Only Tracks and Remixes
I put this together so I could have a CD of the digital album I purchased while I waited for my pre-ordered CD copy to come in the mail. The bonus tracks were added to make the disc worth keeping around after the fact.
c-brut-f front c-brut-b back c-brut-inlay inlay
Carcass - Requiems for Revulsion Custom
I created this custom cover for a beefed up version of Requiems for Revulsion which I put together by adding a ton more tracks of various bands covering Carcass tunes. My tribute to the old gore collages on Reek and Symphonies. This is one of those old style bulky two CD cases that has a tray on both sides.
carcass-case-f front carcass-case-b back carcass-f booklet
carcass-d1 tracklisting card disc1 carcass-d2 tracklisting card disc2 carcass-assem assembled
GG Allin - The Worst of Compilation
Custom compilation of some of my favorite GG tracks so I could have them all in one place. I ended up giving this compilation to a friend as a birthday present, so I wanted to do up a cover for it.
gg-f front gg-back back
Cinemageddon OST Volume 1 and 2
When vol 1 was released I took it upon myself to do up a layout for it and send it to the members of the Cinemageddon community. They liked what I did enough to "officially" bring me on board to do the layout and create some additional graphics for the vol 2 release.
cg-f vol 1 front cg-b vol 1 back cg-inlay vol 1 inlay
cgii-f vol 2 front cgii-b vol 2 back cgii-inlay vol 2 inlay
Gutulax - Stinking Collection
When I ordered this CD, they sent me the booklet for "Shitbeast" by mistake, so I had to make my own cover for this one.
gutulax-f front gutulax-b back
Lord Gore - Autophagus Orgy and Dark Lords of the Cyst Demo
I combined the songs from the autophagus orgy with the long sold out demo. I tried to continue the heinous splatter hentai theme from the front cover artwork throughout the layout instead of what was done with the actual Autophagus Orgy release.
lg-f front lg-back back lg-inlay inlay
The Men's Toilet - Eurinal Euologies of Eurethral Eurexcrementia + Dansi Toire Demo + Rehearsal Trax
Since the physical release for this was just a CD-R anyway, I bought the longsleeve shirt instead and compiled my own CD from the resulting digital downloads, which I did this layout for.
mt-f front mt-b back mt-inlay inlay
Nine Inch Nails Unreleased Songs Compilations CD's
Some of the compilations I put together for unreleased Nine Inch Nails material.
nin-dsb-f Downward Spiral - The Bottom front nin-dsb-b Downward Spiral - The Bottom back    
nin-ru-f Rare and Unreleased front nin-ru-b Rare and Unreleased back nin-ru-inlay Rare and Unreleased inlay
nin-dw-f The Day the World Went Away - Complete Mixes front nin-dw-b The Day the World Went Away - Complete Mixes back    
Pissgrave - Demo
The Pissgrave demo was only released on cassette tape and sold out almost immediately. A friend of mine who managed to get one sent me digital files recorded from the tape, so I designed this CD layout using elements from the tape layout and additional graphics I found keeping in the rotten corpses in bathrooms theme.
piss-f front piss-b back piss-inside inside
Smut Vol 1 Compilation
This was a weird compliation I put together where I edited in a bunch of funny/offensive samples and edited/cut up a bunch of tracks. A bizzarre mix of basement pornogrind, punk and thrash songs all to do with sexual deviancy and offensive topics.
smut-f front smut-b back smut-cd CD


Most of my movie related layout work can be seen in the
REPLACEMENT MOVIE COVERS section, but these are a few additional ones I've created.
Evil Dead Trilogy
I edited together all three Evil Dead films into a single movie. This was the cover I designed for the DVD.
ed-slip front    
Ghost in the Shell
Custom cover I created for the original version of Ghost in the Shell on blu-ray.
ghost insert    
House of 1000 Corpses Booklet
My copy didn't come with a booklet, so I made this one for it.
htc-f booklet front htc-f booklet reverse
Nightmare on Elm Street 5 Dr Saperstein Uncut Composite
I didn't really care for the cover design Dr Saperstein created for this fan edit, so I designed my own using elements of the UK VHS release.
noes5 insert    
Rambo Trilogy
I hated the cover they used for the most recent Rambo Trilogy bluray set so I created a custom one using elements from the original 80's style painted poster artwork from all three films.
rambo front    
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Custom cover I created that collects all three of the prequels into one set.
sw-preq insert    

Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized
For Harmy's "despecialized" Star Wars trilogy fan edit I replicated what was done for an old laserdisc Star Wars Trilogy cover (which was too poor resolution to use) by editing together the three original poster designs into one image then designed the rest of the layout in my own style (similar to the prequel trilogy above).

sw-desp insert    
Texas Chainsaw
Texas Chainsaw was only released uncut digitally, so I burned my copy to disc and created this custom cover for it.
tc-f insert front tc-b insert reverse
Custom cover I designed for Thursday on blu-ray.
thurs insert    


Agathocles - Use Your Anger Back Patch
I used a scan of the 12" and rather than distory the image to be the correct shape for the back patch, I cut out the log and shifted it upward, then digitally painted in all of the area previously covered by the logo, matching the texture of the image.
Universal Monsters Patches
I created these because i wanted the monsters to be looking in specific directions to work with the layout on the back of my horror vest and the already present Dracula and Frankenstein. You can now buy these from Goblinhaus who made these for me and liked my designs enough he wanted to sell them (
creature mummy wolf  
Master Boot Record Floppy Disc Label
I designed this floppy disc label, stuck it on an actual floppy disc, and used it as a badge for one of my vests.
Horror Collage Upper Vest Panel
I collaged a bunch of the goriest scenes from 80's and 90's horror for the upper panel on my all horror vest.
Miscellaneous Back Patches
Various custom back patches I designed the layouts for.
mercyful Metallica decont-v1 decont-v2
Miscellaneous Patches
Various custom patches I designed the layouts for.
exorcist lematos    
Miscellaneous T-Shirt Designs
Various custom t-shirts I designed the layouts for.


Movie Night Posters
I used to do up posters for fun for the movie nights I would host.
mn-1 mn-2 mn-3 mn-4 mn-5 mn-6
mn-7 ps-1      
Concert Posters/Tickets
Some posters/tickets I designed for some Saskatchewan gigs and festivals.
hallow aggro1 aggro2 saw    


The Shaman from Outerspace Book Cover
Novel by my friend Jesse Doig which I designed the cover art and layout for.
Infernal Crypt Zine - Druidus and Goathammer Reviews Page
A page I contributed to the Infernal Crypt Zine