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April 2018

All pages updated and posted!

March 2018

Another Site Overhaul!

I've broken out the art section into ART, LAYOUT and ZOMBIE PORTRAITS and have added more up to date content. Still WIP on some pages, but they will be up very soon!

Some changes to the site aesthetic as well.


July 2016

Ha! Finally back at ya with a REPLACEMENT DVD COVERS update:

The Dorm That Dripped Blood (multiple versions)
The Evil Dead (the grindhouse releasing poster art)
It Follows (multiple versions)
The Outing (a cool Thai version)
Pigs (multiple versions)
Warlock (alternate version)


April 2015

Site overhaul. I'm dropping the reviews and shit, you can still access them via ARCHIVE if you're interested (note some links might be broken because I couldn't be bothered to maintain a whole other set of files for the archive). From now on I'm just going to focus on my ART and the REPLACEMENT DVD COVERS.


The Redeemer
The Keep
Flesh for Frankenstein
Defcon 4
Mad Max : The Road Warrior
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
The Ghastly Ones (aka Blood Rituals)
Enemy Mine
Absurd (aka Rosse Sangue, aka Horrible, aka Anthropophagus 2)

I've also added some new pieces of ART that I've finished over the last while.