Who the Fuck Rips Mp3's with Bitrates Below 128kbps, and why do you Keep them on Your Computer?

Have you ever used a peer to peer file sharing program to download mp3’s and you get a fuck ton of results with bitrates below 128 kbps.  If you’ve listened to one of these files you’ll know that the sound quality is somewhere between ham radio and a 20 dollar boom box played through a Power Rangers brand $5 microphone.

So then my question is, who the fuck created this file, and why does anyone keep something that sounds this shitty on their computer? 


I typed "deaf person" into google image and this came up. This is Kyle. I went to his site and the first article was about teaching sign language to babies, then it was a bunch of shit about his credit cards, so I don't feel too bad adding his pic to this rant. Notice how he is holding up the lame poser version of the goat horns (thumb extended), I bet he's listening to the newest Dragonforce disc he ripped off his buddy at 12 kbps.

Yes that’s right, you’d have to be pretty much fucking deaf to enjoy listening to a file encoded below 128 kbps.  Even at 128 kbps (the absolute, desperate as a meth whore for a fix, can’t find it absolutely anywhere else at any better quality, bare minimum acceptable quality for a download) it still sounds like the cymbals were recorded underwater, and all fidelity is compressed into a wall of digital muck.

You know what is helping to promote shit like this?  It’s ads by companies like Sony (remember the Sony ATRAC 3 player?) and other mp3 player manufacturers who tell you that you can save 500 mp3’s on a 1 gig mp3 player.  Yup you sure can, at 56kbps quality.  Wow, I might as well be listening to a fifth generation tape dub on a walkman.  Actually that would probably sound better.

People who rip mp3’s below 128 kbps (in fact, don’t go below 192 OK) need to stop. If I ever caught someone I knew doing it I would puke on them.

I'm sure people are going to read this and say I'm a jerk for bitching about files I'm getting for free, but guess what, this isn't an article about how I'm not a jerk. In fact that is one article you will NEVER see on this site, because I'm proud to be a jerk.