Mostly pencil drawings (some ink in there though).


Again, mostly pencil drawings. These were all drawn from photos (4 of them smaller than a playing card). If you want a portrait, provide me with a photo. I haven't drawn someone's portrait in person, and I don't think you want to sit still for the 5-6 hours it would probably take.


Here's a small selection of color work I've done using a variety of media from pencil, ink, pastel, pencil crayon, and digital. Some of these are friends of mine who I've "zombified". If you're interested in that sort of thing, get in touch and we'll work something out. Remember, the more animated or humerous the expression in the original photo, the better the zombified version will turn out! The merman pic is a co-operative effort betwen myself and a buddy of mine Aaron Gagnon. He drew the original image in pencil, and then I colorized it.


Here's a couple logos I designed. One is for the death metal band my friends and I came up with, but never actually formed (due to the fact that none of us can play an instrument, which it turns out is a rather major hurdle to overcome if you want to be a band, go figure). Another is for a compilation I put together. The rest are various custom logos I desgined from movies and music.

Note that in all cases I have purchased the actual disc (where applicable, in the case of the NIN layouts, these songs are unreleased material). These layouts have been made for custom versions of albums I made for my own listening convenience (extra tracks, only on vinyl making it tough to listen to in the car, etc.). I've put them up here just so you can get an idea of what I can do.


All four of the layouts above feature some of my own art, in combination with other images scavenged from the net to complete the layout.


These layouts were created using elements scavenged from the net.


The two layouts above are a good example of a very extensive layout. The first thumb will take you to my original design for the front, back and full booklet with lyrics, etc. The second thumb will take you to an additional cover I made that slides over the original booklet, a new back, and an inlay.

When you put it all together, this is what you get:




I made a fan edit of all three evil dead films into one 4.5hr epic, so I decided to make a custom cover for it. The thumbs above will take you to the images I've made so far, the main dvd cover insert is not yet complete. Check out more of my custom work of this nature on the REPLACEMENT DVD COVERS page.


When I bought my copy of "House of 1000 Corpses", it was missing the chapter index card. So I decided to use a bunch of images from the site to make my own two page double sided booklet.


I used to do a movie night about twice a month where I'd show cult flicks. Since I was bored at work I decided to make flyers for it that I handed out to my friends who were invited to come out for the screenings. Then everyone flaked out on me like a bunch of dandruff, so I quit. Maybe it'll get resurrected some day...

I only had a copy of GIMP portable and the basic fonts that come with windows when I made these, so at home I can make them better than what I made above.


Some friends of mine who shall remain nameless decided to make a still and brew up some moonshine in their garage. They asked me to design the label for their hooch, and named it Hobo Fine Liqour. Having drank it I can tell you there wasn't anything fine about it, unless your definition of "fine" is eating flaming molten pennies mixed with rubbing alcohol. Shit fucks ya' up though!